Luciana Gomez

“Space isn’t a place; it’s an experience.”

Myin derives from an idea by the eclectic Italo-Argentinian designer Luciana Gomez, able to combine and blend a number of diverse experiences and passions ranging from graphics to digital art and ultimately specialised in devising highly innovative interior design solutions. Along with Davide Dattoli and Talent Garden, Luciana created the famous TAG co-working labs that introduced a new approach to physical space as applied to business, both in Italy and worldwide. She is also the founder of Dwellness, a company specialising in the design of functional, cutting-edge company premises, with a close eye on sustainability and respect for diversity.

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The aim of style research is to create spaces and furnishing accessories able to improve quality of life in everyday settings, as well as in workspaces or places where services are provided.

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When it comes to redesigning business and service premises, the concept of “participatory design” is essential, engaging end users at every stage, starting from the conception of the project.

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The spaces Luciana creates, especially in the world of co-working and start-ups, are perfect for hatching ideas, providing efficient support for the quality, productivity and visibility of the people and businesses that occupy them.

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Aesthetics and function, craftsmanship tradition and technology, business and lifestyle: the interconnection between seemingly diverse areas and spheres of expertise is the key to seeking out new perspectives.

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