Carmelo Calanni Rindina

A craftsmanship passion handed down through the generations

In the heart of the east side of Milan, the city that by definition never stops moving, some people still take the time to create something unique.

Myin furniture comes to life here, in the workshop of Carmelo Calanni Rindina, a craftsmam by instinct and by passion. These are qualities Carmelo inherited from his father, along with the ever-evolving workspace where wood is turned into something new every day.


01. Sustainable raw materials

The panels that make up the Myin furnishing elements are made from top-quality Italian poplar wood. FSC certification guarantees the wood comes from responsibly managed forests.

02. Light and resistant

The sustainable lightness of poplar: a material planted and grown with respect for nature and able to guarantee lasting resistance without making the structure weighty.

03. Bespoke quality

Each piece of furniture is studied in minute detail and assembled with painstaking care to turn it into something unique. The iron legs are also made to measure for each individual item.

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